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Why eyeguy ?

Do you want to make sure you take care of your eyesight and stay revitalized?

With top quality glasses at an affordable price, that will keep you motivated at work.

These glasses work their function in a stylish way!

Why blue light filter glasses are a necessity?

Reduce eye strain and dry eyes

We can all relate to the difficulty of staring and concentrating at a screen all day with these side effects.

Reduce headaches and migraines

You only have the one brain, mind your mind!

Improves your sleep cycle

Blue light affects the ability to secrete melatonin which helps you sleep at night. Blue light filter reduce the impact of this light!

academic research

Fantastic customer service

and excellent quality glasses - definitely reduced my headaches from looking at a screen all day while working from home"

— Aoife, Cork, Ireland

Delighted with them.

The customer service is amazing and the glasses are super stylish. No more dry eyes, headaches and most importantly I'm getting a much better sleep with them!

— Courtney, Dublin, Ireland

Great product and service

"The eye guy glasses are exactly what I needed while studying. They reduced my headaches and definitely help me sleep better. A great product and service.

— Laura, Groningen, Netherlands


Hello everyone! I'm David the founder of eyeguy. Where did this idea come from? I'll tell you, when I was studying in University I started suffering from headaches and blurred vision. I decided to get my eyes tested to be told I had perfect eyesight.

Determined to find a solution, I came across blue light filter glasses and the rest is history! My vision, sleep and energy were a lot better. By noticing how much they changed my lifestyle I wanted to bring this change to everyone else and for people to become more efficient and motivated while working.

Thank you all for the support, you really are amazing.

David, CEO, Founder